Air Duct Cleaning Process And How It Is Done


Speaking air ducts, it is a term that is commonly used to define tubes that are hollow which comes with many different forms including square, round and rectangular and are typically made out of metal sheet. Air ducts are also known for carrying the cooled or the heated air all over the building. You can actually observe ducts to be part of the building of an air conditioning and ventilation system.

We all know that air ducts are responsible for the transportation of cool or heated air that is why if you wish for it to continue functioning properly and according, cleaning them on a regular basis must be part of the maintenance system you are running in your home. As what was mentioned above, it is very important that you are air ducts are maintained regularly since it is a given fact that regular maintenance assist in the efficient and effective functioning of the ducts. We need to make sure that the air ducts in our air conditioning and ventilation system is cleaned regularly so that no dirt can have its way to the ducts as it can cause the ducts to break down and also, for the purpose of avoiding the complete replacement of the system as it can be very expensive.

There are so many benefits that can be associated in the cleaning of air ducts, one of which is the cut in the use of energy by twenty percent by just cleaning or removing the dust present in the air ducts. And since you are cutting down the use of energy at home, this will amount to the huge savings you will have for your electricity bill. You can also contact  comercial air duct cleaning service for professional help!

In order for you to better understand your air ducts, you need to know about the process of air duct cleaning as well hence, below is a short guideline on how it is done. For more info about duct cleaning, visit

Prior to you starting to clean the air ducts, you need to cover every vent in the air ducts with a plastic bag. There is a need for the vents to be covered with bags since the bag will shield the vents from any possible dust generated during the process of cleaning and, the bag will also provide a way of deciding whether or not the machine being used in cleaning the ducts has proper suction.

Prior to the beginning of the duct work, what technician usually do is that they will drill a sizable hole in the trunk of the furnace wherein the hole will be covered with a large vacuum tube and is fastened in place. After that, they will connect a high powered vacuum cleaner to the tube and use it in removing the debris as well as the dirt out from the duct work. You better hire professional cleaners like attic insulation in dallas to clean your ducts to make sure that everything is being taken cared of properly.


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